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Brighton & Hove Council win hotel nightclub appeal

May 2015

On 12 May 2015, at Brighton & Hove Magistrates' Court, the City Council successfully defended its decision to revoke the premises licence of the West Beach Hotel following licence review proceedings. The Brighton seafront Hotel contained 4 separate operations including a nightclub, restaurant and two bars all under one licence and one DPS but with different operators. The operation of the late night venues caused significant and prolonged disturbances to nearby residents. In dismissing the appeal, the Court agreed with the Council's earlier decision to revoke the licence given that the "combined licence" had proven itself to be unworkable and the late night operations had undermined the public nuisance objective. The premises licence holder was ordered to pay the Council's costs of defending the appeal in the sum of £22,000. Gary Grant appeared for the successful Council instructed by Rebecca Sidell of Brighton & Hove Council's legal department.

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